Our new products

Ready-to-connect ignition protection system

This ready-to-connect ignition protection system from T&B is especially suitable for small extraction systems such as mobile dust extractors.

The system automatically detects and extinguishes sparks already in the extraction system before they can enter the filter and cause fires or explosions.

The new system complies with EN 16770 (Annex B), which requires an ignition protection system for fire prevention.

The compact unit is assembled and pre-configured ready for connection. The customer can easily assemble and connect it himself – afterwards it is immediately ready for use. The included two spark detectors and an automatic extinguishing system are VdS-certified. The new FM-certified Spark Extinguishing Controller (SEC-1) serves as the control unit.

Control unit SEC-1 for spark extinguishing systems

This new FM-certified SEC-1 fire detection and control panel is a standard version for protecting small installations from fires and explosions.

These include filters, grinding machines, silos or cyclones.

One control unit SEC-1 is sufficient for one monitoring area: Up to four spark detectors or other fire detectors such as thermal detectors, smoke detectors or flame detectors can be connected to two inputs each. An extinguishing system is activated within milliseconds via an output.

VdS-certified fire protection for belt dryers

In belt dryers, there is an enormous fire risk per se: due to the high energy input for drying – in combination with the dust load and a large fire load due to the high material throughput.

In addition, sparks or embers from upstream or downstream processes can get into the belt dryer. Smouldering fires then spread rapidly in the deposits in the dryer.

Avoid production downtime or total loss – with certified fire protection from T&B.

The usual solutions for prevention and extinguishing are often too slow or only effective selectively. Leading insurers now only grant sufficient insurance cover with certified fire prevention.

For this special application, T&B has developed a protection concept for belt dryers in cooperation with VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH. Thanks to the VdS certification of the protection concept, there is now a uniform standard that is accepted by every property insurer.

This innovative patented concept combines spark detection and spark extinguishing with a water spray extinguishing system. It thus enables both the best possible prevention and the reliable extinguishing of an incipient fire in the dryer.

Early fire detection – without false alarm

When storing wood waste, paper or fuels in closed bunkers and in open areas, fires can occur due to spontaneous combustion of the stored materials or external entry of hot substances.

T&B’s early fire detection system based on an infrared camera ensures effective prevention – and rules out false alarms.

Infrared technology detects fires, but also hot materials, before they develop into a fire. One challenge here is to distinguish a real fire hazard from an apparent one.

The intelligent monitoring system only triggers an alarm for real fire hazards. After a check, it identifies hot or reflective surfaces within seconds as currently non-critical.

Since the system distinguishes illusions from real fire hazards under all conditions, there is no need to set up separate day/night circuits. There is also no need to “exclude” travel routes from the monitoring area. Because the system is not irritated by the hot exhaust of a delivery vehicle.

Early fire detection for small lithium-ion battery stores

Increasingly, the handling and storage of lithium-ion batteries and accumulators is an issue for recyclers and for manufacturers who are obliged to take back accumulators. Gases and aerosols can escape from pre-damaged accumulators – signs of an imminent thermal runaway of the accumulators.

For small bearings, T&B electronic offers a smart solution for early detection. This enables the operator to start safety and damage limitation measures at an early stage.

The Fire Gas and Smoke Detection System FGSDS detects smoke as well as various fire gases long before the thermal runaway.

Freely adjustable threshold values allow the system to be adapted to the operator’s individual safety requirements.
The system is based on a special gas detector combined with smoke detection and air intake. This means that only one detector is needed to monitor the entire interior. This also simplifies installation and use: the system can simply be placed outside the warehouse.