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For T&B electronic, service is so much more than just maintenance and repairs: For us, service means providing services over the system’s entire lifetime – and this starts well before the spark extinguishing system is installed.

Consultation and preparation of customised protection concepts:

We work with you to draw up your customised protection concept. In the process, attention will be paid both to your wishes and to the requirements of the insurance companies or authorities

System planning:

Implementation of the protection concepts prepared in cost-effective solutions that match your needs.

Turnkey installation and commissioning

From the fitting of extinguishing pipes through insulation of the pipelines including trace heating through to wiring and commissioning: with T&B electronic you get all these services from a single source. The time-consuming coordination of different trades is not required. We will be pleased to arrange and carry out VdS or expert acceptance tests for you. We implement all agreements, and it goes without saying that we prepare all the necessary documentation as well.

Operator training:

Safe handling of the systems is guaranteed by our operator training sessions.

Inspection + maintenance

Sometimes, spark extinguishing systems are on “quiet” standby duty for months, and then have to detect and extinguish sparks quickly and effectively when required. To make sure that this is the case, we have developed a maintenance schedule which guarantees you that your spark extinguishing system is always ready for use.

Inspections and maintenance work by the T&B electronic service team guarantees that your spark extinguishing systems will detect and extinguish sparks quickly and reliably when necessary. Our inspection and maintenance schedules have been developed in accordance with VdS Schadenverhütung (damage prevention) and give you the assurance that your spark extinguishing system is always ready for use.

Inspection and maintenance by T&B electronic ensures that

  • You fulfil your legal operator obligations in accordance with DIN VDE 0833

  • Maintenance complies with the VdS directives in terms of scope and quality

  • You achieve maximum possible insurance discount

  • Your system is always ready for use even after months of “quiet” standby duty

  • Your fire protection system corresponds to the latest technical standard

Altanlagen Service

Check of older Systems

Sometimes, spark extinguishing systems are on “quiet” standby duty for months, and then have to detect and extinguish sparks quickly and effectively when required.
For this reason, regular inspections and maintenance are no substitute for a comprehensive system test after years of operation.
In cooperation with VdS, T&B electronic as a recognised installer of spark extinguishing systems, checks plants which are more than ten years old for operational safety.
The focus is on checking the changed hydraulic conditions in the pipe network. For this, both the degree of corrosion is measured and random checks are made on the reaction times of older solenoid valves on the automatic extinguishing systems. At the same time, unnecessary costs are avoided, such as water damage caused by perforation corrosion on water pipes.

As the operating company, you fulfil your operator obligations in compliance with the VdS directives.

The existing installation check includes the following services:

  1. Shutdown and emptying of the system
  2. Endoscopic examination of the pipe network for corrosion
  3. Random checks on the wall thickness of the pipe network
  4. Evaluation of the hydraulic affects caused by changes in the pipe network
  5. Checking of the reaction times of solenoid valves in cooperation with VdS
  6. Filling the spark extinguishing system and putting it into operation
  7. Preparation of a protocol about the measurements

Check on the electrical components

For your own safety and the safety of your employees, you should pay attention to the Arbeitsstättenverordnung (ArbStättV §53) (German Workplace Ordinance) and the accident prevention regulations of the employers’ insurance liability associations (BGV A1 §39). Booth demand an annual inspection of the electrical system parts.
The importance of checking electrical systems is demonstrated by statistics published by VdS in 1999, which revealed safety-related defects in 72% of the electrical systems checked. Protection against direct contact was not guaranteed in 54% of the devices checked.

The advantages of the check:

The annual inspection of the spark extinguishing system by T&B electronic guarantees an inspection for visible damage, a check on the wiring and a functional test of the entire system.

By checking the electrical systems you comply with your operator obligations in accordance with ArbStättV, BG directive A1 and BG directive A3.

Wintercheck Service

Winter check

Frost damage is not unusual for water-carrying equipment. Such damage causes around seven percent of the costs paid by insurance companies for building damage. Frost damage must be avoided on spark extinguishing systems at all costs, since otherwise there is no guarantee that the system will be triggered when required. Simple insulation of water-carrying equipment can only be sufficient in cases where cold only has a short-term effect. For this reason, we always recommend effective frost prevention measures in order to avoid follow-on damage. This includes in particular heating tape

The winter check by T&B electronic includes monitoring the readiness for use of your spark extinguishing system before the frost period begins by:

  1. Visual inspection of insulation of damage
  2. Functional test of the heating tape
  3. Check on unconsidered inflows of cold air, for example near the pressure booster
  4. Inspection for other constructional faults such as breakthroughs which have not been insulated
  5. Preparation of a protocol and suggestion of further measures if necessary
  6. Instruction of your employees in compliance with VdS 2373

By taking these measures you fulfil your duties of care and operator obligations in accordance with VdS 2373.

Online troubleshooting service

We are able to help you immediately and effectively if any malfunctions occur.

You can reach our service department even outside normal office hours, since flexible working hours are a matter of course for us.

Online Service:

Our latest generation of control units permits immediate access to your unit via an internet-based remote service in the event of any malfunctions. This means on-site service assignments can often be avoided completely.